An Intro to the Hourglass.

Alright, so for some lore on the world, the continent is shaped like an hourglass, the top half of which is bilaterally split by a mountain range called the Sunder. The southern half of this continent is a vast desert with an archipelago to the south east. The eastern side of the sunder is a vast treacherous swamp, while the west side has a vast forest. You currently occupy the forest. This forest, known as the Green, knew a great war of the gods fifty years ago. You see, gods as mortals know them walk the earth and had warred with each other for countless reasons, but this ended when the fire god caused a great blaze. The fire god had a domain whose power grew with reckless use and disregard for mortal lives so the gods banded together to slay him and stop the great Blaze. Fie, goddess of storms, rose to power after killing the fire god and is now the empress of the Green pantheon. The forest easily catches fire so fire is banned from public use and is closely regulated. In the Sunder there is a major trade city called Gem which the goddess Fie is amassing an army to attack and ransack, corrupt throughout and under rule of the Sunder pantheon. Gem, being on a major trade route, is protected by its neighbors and is immensely wealthy. This city has both mountainside and subterranean property. Arcane magics were wished into existence by tricking a powerful genie into releasing the source of their magics, though the arcane powers wielded by warlocks are mysterious.

Gem has been taken by Fie and Aur is now part of the Green pantheon. The army is now dissolved and The previously unexplored Marshlands are mapped, and the maps are being sold to wealthy organizations.

The City of Gem was assaulted by a myriad of attackers. As a result their economy collapsed over the destruction of their teleportation circle.

The Guild hall Dargons Bane is located in Locrag.

I had one player leave because they were killed in combat so join in with a healthy fear of death and a respect for the game that goes beyond your character sheet.

If you think you think you will be late to the game send me a message on Skype. I will respect that you have a life that is busy but please don’t expect me to be patient when there are only 2 players at 5 pm and you show up at a major event at 7 pm expecting equal investment into the situation.

Chronicles of the Hourglass

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