Vonrak Buldan

Leader of the Felrock mercenary group


4’7 180 pound dwarf. Brown eyes and hair


He loves to fight. Has always loved to fight ever since he was a kid. He may have not had the best skills in the world but there is one thing he was better at than anyone else, taking a hit. Blows that would normally knock out any other dwarf he would just shrug off and keep going. It frightened a lot of people seeing him tank some of these hits. Although a mountain dwarf, he always respected nature. Animals were a lot like him, they didn’t settle their beefs and scores with fancy talk and diplomacy, no they fought and the one who quit first lost. That’s just like him. Just like him though, they also know when its just foolish to fight and better just to either flee or not fight at all.

Once Vonrak came of age, he decided to leave his clan for a while and explore what this world had to offer. His first stop was to go see the ocean. He had story’s of it growing up but had never seen it for himself. Once he got to the ocean, he saw why the travelers had spoken so highly of it. There was just something calming about the seas, not to mention it was a beautiful sight. To experience more of the sea and the nature of it, he decided to become a sailor. It was during his time as a sailor that he developed his strength. All the lifting and heaving and hoeing can make even a scrawny lad into a strong man. He worked on the sea for a couple decades and once he felt he learned enough about it at this stage in his life, he decided to go back to the land he still loved but had not seen in a while.

He was also itching to see the battlefield where the gods themselves did battle. As a sailor he had heard there was a war going on, but he himself was having his war with the sea, trying to understand it and conquer it, that he decided it be best to not take part in it. Now though he had his chance to go see where this epic clash took place. On his way to see this battlefield, he came across an army that was trying to capture Gem. Itching too see what his years growing up in the mountains and his years on the sea had done for him, he immediately signed up for the army. Once joining the army, he attained the rank of private first class and was immediately sent to the front lines of the siege. On the battlefield is where he proved himself. He and his group led the charge to the gate with the battering ram and also felled a frost giant who himself had slain a large red dragon.

Once the siege was done and Vonrak and his group got paid, they decided to start a mercenary group together. They hired an old lady they named mother to find them contracts and they also found some canon fod…I mean employees at fast denis to help them. Their first contract was to help a druid map a certain area of the world. This contract went even better than expected and has led to Felrock getting even more and harder contracts. It was at this point that Vonrak emerged as the leader of the mercenary group.

This is where his story is……for now.

Vonrak Buldan

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