Chronicles of the Hourglass

Campaign Day 195
Guarding the Stable

The stable is being guarded, reward will be based on the horses left alive

Campaign Day 180
MindFlayer killed

The Dargon’s Bane Guildhall has been build and nobody died to the mindflayer. Except the guide M. Night Shamallaan.

Campaign Log 9
Campaign day 89

Sewer Contract: Successful in clearing sewer of nuisance.

The Attack on the Town of Gem: Many civilians were killed. Dragon breath dropped all but one character in the party to 0 hit points. The Green Slayer mercenary company swooped in afterward to rob any credit to the party.

Cave Contract: The party went to clear a mine of creatures and was successful.

Moving on: The party is following a half-orc ranger to Locrag to settle near their teleportation circle.

Campaign Log 8
Campaign day 87 (maybe?)

You have returned from your expedition. You guys collected the bounty of Nathan Sweetmilk in Gem, and have actually incurred a loss in profits from your mercenaries.

Campaign Log 7
Campaign Day 57

After a couple of encounters underground and descending a steep cavern shaft with rope they have arrived at the subterranean city of the drow in tracking down the slaver.

Campaign Log 6
Campaign Day 48

The team reaped the bounty for clearing a den of undead and are heading to a cave known to lead to a subterranean Drow city.

Campaign Log 5
Campaign Day 46

Almost all of our intrepid heroes lost their lives to a pair of umber hulks ambushing them on their way to the lair of a Red Dragon. The survivor Azeal had his memories scrambled by the attack.

Campaign Log 4
Campaign Day 35

Our Adventurers have successfully thrown down the rulers of gem with the immense strength of the army. Their reward was gold or property in Gem.

Campaign Log 3
Campaign Day 34

The three adventurers, Zelgius, Vonrak, and Azeal raided the basement of an abandoned mansion that had belonged to a deceased master of the Arcane to obtain magic weapons. They released what they have then ascertained to be a powerful shapeshifter disguised as an Azer. They found a couple of Cursed items Zelgius donned immediately and had one removed and several enchantments were added to weapons. The discovery of a teleportation circle in that basement warranted the summoning of Karalel the Annihilator, master of the arcane, from the plane of pain, promptly eliciting fear of death-by-senility on his part throughout the town. Currently he is negotiating payment at the temple of Wisp.

Campaign Log 2, Electric Boogaloo
Campaign Day 32
The cave was cleared and the group was rewarded 300gp. Falenroth was swiftly dispatched for theft. Vonrak had his Greataxe enchanted with the vicious attribute. They researched a destroyed mansion basement that should have magic items and are now heading off in search of it.

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