Homebrew Rules

Hitting 0 health makes you gain a level of exhaustion.

If you are Grappled you also lose the use of one hand.

Here is the SRD

Being damaged by some poisons makes you take a level of exhaustion if not treated after exposure.

The Weapon list includes this

Magic Item prices are different than those in the DMG as noted in here. Gamechanging items are not for sale. Magic armor is priced at five times an equally enchanted weapon.

Each segment spans 100 miles.

Structure Building is detailed here Homes

Also Structures may be expanded upon as building a structure with more room points.

Bringing the dead back to life involves the dead coming back first as powerful and malevolent incorporeal undead. If the undead is not vanquished in 10 rounds the corpse is then inhabited by their spirit as corporeal undead negating the resurrection and bringing to life a wight or other undead. Casting the spell again on the corporeal undead restores the person to life. Revenants are thought to be a middle-ground between the state of life and corporeal undead.

Raised characters gain a large sum of experience in death, but only the first time.

If you are 2 levels behind the highest level member of the group I will ask you if you would please either make time available for the game or leave the group.

Any check made with tools has no ability associated, but is easier by 5.

Advantage and Disadvantage stack to two, meaning double disadvantage tasks are impossible, while double advantage tasks automatically succeed.

Some evil magics that can be accessed through gameplay are listed here, and here

Homebrew Rules

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